Do you want to be made well? (John 5:8)

I’m sure that’s a no-brainer for this man stuck on his cot for 38 years. But, what about you and me? Do we want to be healed–physically, emotionally and spiritually?

“Illness worked for me…” A quote from my yet unpublished article, “My Name is Not Addison.” For some of us, illness works. Maybe we get out of chores. Maybe we don’t have the energy to figure out how to untie our complicated emotions. Or maybe we don’t want to heed God’s commands–or we don’t trust Him for healing of our body, mind and soul.

As I promised, we’re going to talk about health–not wallow on our cot. So, let’s move right along and allow God to take us off that bed of physical, emotional and spiritual affliction.

After all, when we’re standing up straight:

  • God can take us places we never dreamed we’d get to see.dsc00597
  • We won’t be such a burden to our friends. 
  • We can have a clear conscience before God and our fellowman. 

Of course, we will have the burden of making our bed every morning.

Rise, take up thy bed and walk. (John 5:8)

My friend, if I write about it, I’ve probably gone through it or am still going through it. So, let’s bear with one another in our ups and our downs.

(Disclaimer: There are many in this world who have severe handicaps and yet serve God faithfully and with a full, happy and productive life. This article simply addresses the desire to be whole and all that God intended us to be.)

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