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My dear blogees.  I attended Antelope Valley Christian Writers’ Conference in Lancaster, California, this weekend, with my good friend Denise Arzoian.  I had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with none other than the first-place winner of their annual contest–Denise Arzoian.  I was so proud.  Denise is not only an excellent writer, but my spiritual mentor.  

I asked Denise for a portion of her winning ten-page article.  If  I’d known what part she would choose, my face would have been the color of my skirt in this picture.  So, a little sheepishly, I give you Denise and a glimpse of her writing–and the person she is. 

 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  – Matthew 5:8

             My eyes locked on to this verse with vise grip intensity.  See God?  I want to see God, I thought.  I don’t profess to have such a pure heart, but I know He’s working with me to change my heart.  Lord, I prayed silently, I want to see You.  With that, I closed my Bible and began preparing for work.  Several times throughout the day though, that verse came to mind   “…for they shall see God.”

           Since praying that prayer, God has shown Himself in numerous ways.  For example, as time marches on, the few close relationships I have become sweeter and deeper and richer.  Marty gives me such freedom in our friendship.  She gives me freedom to be me.  She knows when to draw me close and let me express my deepest fears and my dirtiest laundry without judging.  She knows when to give me space when I am overwhelmed.  She allows this and lets me off the hook completely guilt free. 

            She speaks truth.  She is simple and uncomplicated and transparent.  She has no ulterior motives.  She is good for her word.  What you see is what is.  She grows dearer to me every day.   

             Suddenly it occurred to me.  I just saw a glimpse of what God is like.  He used Marty to reveal a truth about Himself. 

 “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”   – Matthew 5:8

How has God revealed Himself to you?

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Denise and I had a great evening over calamari and nonstop chatter. 

Her recent trip to Oregon, our coming up trip to Antelope Valley Writers’ Conference

Her book, my book. 

Her husband the collector, my husband who sprayed tonic water all over the kitchen–and we wondered why we stuck to the floor. 

Her children and grandchildren, my children and grandchildren. 

Her God and my God.  The same Person. 

The Writer

The Writer

She finds something good almost everywhere she goes.  Then she writes about it.

While you’re waiting for Denise’s book to come out, check out mine, Ebenezer and Ninety-Eight Friends, Musings on Life, Scripture and the Hymns.  Barnes and Noble will be glad to order it for you. Amazon or I will send it right to your door. Probably B&N will too.

Before you finish Ebenezer, you Fresnans, pick up a copy of Salt Fresno and read Denise’s article, “Easter’s At My House.”  Next issue, Denise will interview our new mayor, Ashley Swearingen. 


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