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I’d like to introduce you to my granddaughter, Anna Selfridge.  We met Anna and her family in Ohio.  In spite of difficulties, we’re having a good time.  Let’s see what Anna has to say.

Hi. I am Anna. This is a picture of me on my aunt’s porch. I call my aunt Jomama. She is nice .

When Grandma  and I went for a walk on my aunt’s street, we sall a bunny and the bunny was  small.  It had tiny ears and it was nibbling grass. When I was visiting Ohio, we stayed in an apartment.  The apartment was really big. We had lots of room.We visited Tanzania before we came to visit Ohio.  When we got to Ohio, I had my hair braided because I got it done in Tanzania, but now it is out. I am going to be in Ohio 2  more weeks. I’m from  America and I live in Doha.  Doha has sand dunes.  Doha has lots of places.

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