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The following is my introduction to TWENTY-FIVE DAYS AROUND THE MANGER, which will be out in Kindle form the first part of October. Just a little something to whet your appetite.

To My Favorite Chicken Thief

Little Georgia Lou’s father had an old car in the yard. It didn’t run, but didn’t have to for her purpose. Georgia Lou excused herself from the breakfast table. She quickly did her chores so she could go out and get in the car. She took her hymnbook, rolled the windows up and sang to the top of her lungs, “Let the Lower Lights Be Burning.” This and other old (yes, they probably were old even then) hymns kept her occupied much of the morning. Looking for cheap entertainment for your kids? Keep your old clunker and purchase a used hymnal.
But yes, as she grew, she became a little wild, as teens will do. It was Halloween night. She and a few friends found an old dark farmhouse. There it was, a chicken coop. They couldn’t help themselves. It simply was too easy. One of them (surely not my mother) grabbed a hen through the fence. They went to a vacant lot and built a fire. They then cooked and tried to eat the chicken. “That was the toughest chicken I’ve ever eaten — before or since.” With that, I think she learned her lesson. For the next eighty-five years she has been an upstanding, law-abiding citizen.
Mother and I laugh, cry, pray — and even talk together when she can get a word in edgewise. I have recently started doing more of the cooking. She is so gracious. As I bring out still another new recipe, never does she say, “Why don’t you do it the old way or just throw a roast in the skillet?” Instead, she says, “Do you want me to chop your onions or brown the meat for you?”
I’m thankful for this closet singer turned temporary outlaw turned blessing to many, whom I call Mother.


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