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They say you marry someone like your mother.  What do David and my mother have in common?  They both say to enjoy where you are and don’t wish your life away.  I think they’re both getting as eager as I am. 

However, with this advice in mind…David and I are living in this comfortable–luxury even–apartment complex.  It’s a little like being on vacation, except David has to go to work.


So, grow where you’re planted, live at the top of your stairs–and welcome back to Martymagee.com


Again, welcome back.  Though my book is not close to being finished, I thought I’d blog this last month I’m here.  I’m going to try to make it about today, each day. 

I have learned in whatsoever state (even California) I am to be content.  Philippians 4:11

Note:  If anyone can help me place these pictures, please come forward.   Celest and Danny—Heeeeelp!



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