Ebenezer and Ninety-Eight Friends Reviews

SQUIRE PARSONS, songwriter, vocalist and nominee for Dove Award: “One of my favorite gospel songs is Little is Much When God is in it. This phrase describes so well the ‘little’ stories composed in this volume by Marty Magee.”

JIM DENNEY, author of nearly 70 published books. He was the ghostwriter for Michael Reagen’s Twice Adopted:  “Marty Magee’s Ebenezer and Ninety-Eight Friends – Musings on Life, Scripture and the Hymns is a lively collection of devotionals that will give your day
an inspirational lift. Warm and personal in tone, these readings combine engaging stories, biblical wisdom, and a love of sacred music. Marty’s optimistic writing will keep your focused on the joy of knowing Christ.”

RAJENDRA PILLAI, Director of Turning Point, Clarksburg, Maryland, and author of Reaching the World in Our Own Backyard: “Looking for a heartwarming devotional that will gently nudge you to the more important things in life? Look no further. Marty’s book is sure to bring a fresh perspective in your spiritual walk.”

JOHN BERNIER:  “I loved Marty’s book. Her humor and choice of scripture mix well with her life experiences, and reading this devotional was such a pleasure. I felt I had gone on a journey with her; and as I sat and read each chapter I could hear her voice telling her own
story in a captivating way. She has walked with the Lord, and He has given her down-home wisdom and insight. What a treat.”

MARY K. FRAZIER, reviewer on Amazon.com:  “I felt like Marty and I sat down together for a friendly visit! Her humor in presenting spiritual applications makes the book a joy to read. I highly recommend it!”

DENISE ARZOIAN, reviewer on Amazon.com:   “I read Marty’s book the same way I eat a box of fine chocolates.  I savored each story and tried to make it last. Marty has a wonderful way of knitting the people in her life with the God that she loves. I look forward to many more of these warm, thought provoking devotionals.”

CHRISTINA GARNER, reviewer on Amazon.com:  “I loved Marty’s book. Her homespun stories are warm, human and personal. Combined with the poetry of old hymns and the ageless wisdom of scripture, this devotional book has something to touch everyone’s heart. This book literally has something to delight any reader of devotional literature.”

TORRANCE NORSWORTHY, through e-mail:  “This is a very good devotional book. The stories are funny but make very good points. The book will be especially funny to people from the south or southwest. Many of the stories are about people from those parts of the USA.”

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