I’m not bustling with energy, and I’m not doing the happy dance. I simply don’t feel my best today. This makes me a little sad.


So, how do I  keep a positive attitude?

I haven’t a clue!

Maybe we can figure out something.

Finally after 69 years, I’m learning I must not go up and down with my crazy ever-changing, body. An old preacher once said his favorite scripture verse was, “‘and it came to pass.’ Praise God it didn’t come to stay!” I need to remember that likely these swollen feet and a body that doesn’t want to stay in the upright position didn’t come to stay.

Since we’re hopeful our ailments won’t set up residence, how do we not take upon us the negative attitude that can go with a “sick day?”

  • Rest. Don’t be a martyr and say with my granddaughter, “I have to do all the work around here.” Take it a little easy. Sit back in your recliner or take in the sun on your deck.


Drink water. To my list of “what ails you” cures (a hot bath and refrain from sugar), I’ve now added drink water! It can’t hurt and will probably help. Cleans your insides out, and you don’t even need to add soap.


  • Do what you need to do to feel better. Chicken soup? Medicine? A call to your best friend?
  • Don’t do what you know will make you worse. Overeating? Mindless TV? Staying in one position too long?
  • Slowly get back into your routine as your body dictates.
  • If you need, call your doctor. Remember, we have enough ailing martyrs.
  • Forgive yourself for taking the day off. Whether you’re a mom or a grandma or a corporate executive, life will go on without you for a day–or six. This may mean we’ll prove we’re not indispensable. Deal with it!

Remember this may be God’s way to slow you down for more time with Him.


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