I’M BAAAACK! Did ya miss me?

Here I am four years later.  I never dreamed retirement could be so great. David is making walking sticks and lighthouses and any little thing my mom and I need (or that he thinks we need). And, yes, my mom at 99 still works circles around the rest of us. David told her she’d have to mow the lawn because she is in the best shape. She says no more garden after this year. We’ll see. She and I cook together. What a joy. How many 67-year-old gals could enjoy this privilege.

We also work in and glean from our little country church.  Actually now it’s Mill City Baptist Home Fellowship. I’ll post a picture when I relearn how to do that.

I don’t plan to spend my life blogging, but I do enjoy communicating. OK, I’ll just say it: I’m a blabbermouth.

I’ll appreciate your responses. Please make them kind. Even in your disagreements. I’m not even sure where I’m going with this yet. But may God guide our mouths and fingers on the keyboards, whether we’re talking about physical or spiritual food, silly or serious stuff, grandchildren or grand adventures, politics or potlucks.

Welcome back. I’ve missed you, though I’ve seen many of you on Facebook for the last four years.


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5 responses to “I’M BAAAACK! Did ya miss me?

  1. Jalayn Martens

    Miss you all so much. Give Grandma a hug from me.


  2. I love your musings, Marty. Your personality oozes between the words, leaving your one-of-a-kind fingerprints on your writing!


  3. Gerry R.

    Marty, I look forward to visiting with you and your mom November 20th in Springfield as you and your mom share your life story and books. I will bring dear Mary Alice with me. Gerry


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