PICT0100At the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, we met an old friend, Gai Brajkovich, from our previous church in Clovis.  David switched seats with her.  This certainly made the flight go by faster.  I wonder if the pilot drove faster because we were talking and laughing so much, he wanted to get us out of there.  PICT0101PICT0102Maybe it wasn’t turbulence at all.

David and I make pretty good chauffers.  Is the Cincinnati airport hiring?  That might make a pretty good retirement job. 

Gai is an officer with Parents Without Partners, and she came to attend a conference.  We’re here for a family reunion with our kids all the way from the Middle East. 

If you don’t meet an old friend at the airport this summer, try taking Ebenezer and Ninety-Eight Friends.  You could read the whole book in a transcontinental flight.



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