She doesn't forget
She doesn’t forget

Do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.  Hebrews 13:16

This is Linda Panos with my granddaughter Sadie on her lap.  Linda takes to anybody’s grandkids or anybody’s problems.  She is Johnny on the spot where there is a grandkid to love, a hot dish to make and take, a sick person to minister to.  Now Linda is involved with Celebrate Recovery, loving people to Jesus. 
Let’s don’t forget to find our niche and do good.  Linda can’t do it all. 


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2 responses to “SHE DOESN’T FORGET

  1. Debbie Mueller

    Linda Panos is a true reflection of Christ’s agape love…anyone touched by her can’t help but feel our Father’s love! (And she doesn’t give up until you do!!!)


  2. You’re so right, Debbie. Thanks for commenting on my blog. God bless you.


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