Dear Ones.  Happy Lord’s Day.  I’m trying to learn this new toy Danny got me.  So, don’t expect anything too profound tonight.

We did have a great Sunday with friends and beautiful weather and cream pie made by the one-and-only Georgia Lou.

Now I am going to try to add a picture.  But you’ll have to take what you can get this time (so what’s different from any other time?)  Maybe one day I’ll learn about all the bells and whistles.

I welcome your comments and I hope I can find them.

Now for the picture. This is in honor of my sister, Jo, who has mega snow in Ohio.

Silver Falls Oregon

Silver Falls Oregon


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4 responses to “A TEST POST

  1. Joe (Dick) Ellis

    Marty, congratulations on trying again with a blog, and thanks for your perfect selection of an initial Bible verse. I’ll try to peek in regularly and maybe even add a comment occasionally.


  2. Hi Marty!! I think i’m finally able to do this, not sure why I couldn’t b-4 – but I’m a little impatient sometimes!

    Congrats on figuring it out…


  3. Denise

    The web page is great, Marty.

    Today is the 3rd, and a very special day indeed.
    Happy birthday, my friend!


    P.S. Any pie left?


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